Tax records should typically be kept for 7 years and discarded afterward.

If you're unaware of what expenses are tax deductible, make sure to contact us. As the premier online bookkeeping service in South Florida, AccuAlly can review your expenses and optimize your tax deductions while also educating you throughout the process.

Yes, it is imperative to keep accurate records and practice good bookkeeping habits. It allows you to monitor

When receiving a sales tax audit, it’s important to gather all related documentation. The next step would be to call AccuAlly for the sales tax audit questions.

Applying to the IRS Fresh Start Program is a great way to lower or eliminate tax debt. The professionals at AccuAlly can help negotiate IRS.

Incorporating a business takes a lot of steps and is an intricate process. The account professionals at AccuAlly can take of the business incorporation the right way.

First, simply choose the service plan that meets your needs.
Second, choose your payment plan.
Third, either send us your monthly financial statements or grant us access to your business banking
Lastly, we get to work on your behalf. Simple, right?

You can pay by credit card online or over the phone which ever you prefer. We offer both monthly and annual billing terms.

No! We are proud to say that 100% of the services we offer are completed right here in the states, in our office! We love what we are able to provide to you, for you.

Yes, we will work that we deduct accounting fees on the return for the year in which you pay them. Not only that you will usually receive a huge chunk of your payment back, but our services will save you many times more that you have paid us for.

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