Sales Tax Audit

Sales tax audits can be frustrating – especially if you are unprepared. The dedicated accountants at AccuAlly have experience with helping small businesses go through the sales tax audit process. We’ll prepare the appropriate documents needed and represent you with the state on your behalf.

Do You Feel Like Sales Tax is a Foreign Language?

At AccuAlly, we’re fluent in the language of all things numbers. Our team of sales tax experts will help you stay organized and on top of the necessary documents needed during an audit. Your business will never have to worry about another sales tax audit with us on your side.

    • Improved consistency and accuracy.
    • Necessary and important documents prepared for you.
    • Represent you with the state on your behalf.

Stay Organized and Prepared

The state is able to conduct a sales tax audit on your business’s tax filings for the previous three years of activity. Even the smallest of discrepancies can cause a business to face large penalties. However, your business is not defenseless if an audit arises. The AccuAlly team will have your business records prepared and ready to handle a sales tax audit if one comes your way and will represent you with the state on your behalf. This is a specialty we have mastered and we are eager to help you get through it.

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