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Sales tax audits can be frustrating – especially if you are unprepared. The dedicated accountants at AccuAlly have experience with helping small businesses go through the sales tax audit process. We’ll prepare the appropriate documents needed and represent you with the state on your behalf.

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When you're looking for sales tax audit services, you'll find that there are many companies to choose from. Many sales tax professionals provide a full range of auditing services, including preparing your federal and local tax return, preparing your state income tax return, providing IRS audit support, preparing your audit protest, defending your position before auditors, defending your audit protest against claims denied by the Internal Revenue Service, and generally negotiating your case with the IRS. While looking for "accounting firms near me" online, Accually, who serves Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Deerfield Beach stands out as a trustable partner.

Do You Feel Like Sales Tax is a Foreign Language?

At AccuAlly, we’re fluent in the language of all things numbers. Our team of sales tax experts will help you stay organized and on top of the necessary documents needed during an audit. Your business will never have to worry about another sales tax audit with us on your side.

    • Improved consistency and accuracy.
    • Necessary and important documents prepared for you.
    • Represent you with the state on your behalf.

Stay Organized and Prepared

The state is able to conduct a sales tax audit on your business’s tax filings for the previous three years of activity. Even the smallest of discrepancies can cause a business to face large penalties. However, your business is not defenseless if an audit arises. The AccuAlly team will have your business records prepared and ready to handle a sales tax audit if one comes your way and will represent you with the state on your behalf. This is a specialty we have mastered and we are eager to help you get through it.

Advantages of Accounting Firms Near Me

There are many types of auditors, all of which provide different types of sales tax audit services. Some auditors are part of a large, nationwide tax firm, while others are part of a smaller, locally-based business. In addition to these general types of auditors, there are also specialized types of auditors.

The following is a brief description of each kind of auditor and some information about the specific services provided by each type of auditor. Advantages of accounting firms near me & sales tax audit firms include:


  • Optimizing your sales process.
  • Minimizing penalties.
  • Streamlining collections.
  • Protecting intellectual property.
  • Minimizing audit fees.
  • Generally improving the performance of your business.

Sales Tax Audit Services

One type of sales tax audit services offered by an auditor is analyzing the sales process. The auditor will review your organization’s collection systems, collection processes, ensuring appropriate documentation is provided to the IRS, reviewing your payment collection practices, reviewing the classification and presentation of your financial records, assessing the security safeguards in place to protect your private information, identifying weak areas in your security controls, checking the accuracy of your tax return preparation data, assessing the completeness and relevance of your records, determining if you have appropriately filed all of the forms required by the Internal Revenue Service, determining whether you adequately identified your tax liabilities and deductions, verifying the date that your tax return was filed, identifying any tax liens or claims that you may owe, and verifying the proper disposition of your tax claim.

In some cases, you may be audited on a specific revenue issue, such as incorrect filing of a return or underpayments. In these instances, the auditor will specifically address the issue of those items in detail.

Reliable Sales Tax Audit Services Provider

Another type of sales tax audit services offered by an auditor is regarding your business taxation strategy. Business taxation is exceptionally complicated, involving many issues that must be considered, from federal, state, and local taxation laws, through the application of your business insurance policy and statutes, to the proper collection and treatment of your customers’ sales, use, and income taxes. This detailed examination of your business taxation structure will ensure that you comply with federal and state taxation requirements. In many cases, this inspection also involves examining the internal control measures and procedures of your business, as well as the effectiveness of your cash collections and disbursements.

Sales tax audit services are available throughout the United States, but some states have restrictions on when and where these audits can occur. Some states have statutory limitations on how auditors can be conducted, while others have no restrictions whatsoever. While there are no nationwide restrictions on sales tax audits, most states have some form of regulation regarding the service providers themselves.

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As most auditors are required to meet specific qualifications, it is always a good idea to conduct business with a company that has been recommended by a reputable and trusted source. Your search for “accounting firms near me” online is over. Accually who serves Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and Deerfield Beach is the right match for you.

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